NDP ELECTIONWATCH 2017: The Indifferent Layperson’s Guide to the New Democratic Party Leadership Race (1/2)

Oh god, what did I do to deserve this???

The Canadian Left is having a rough go of it lately, publicity-wise. The leaderless New Democratic Party is currently wanting for media attention while its two rivals, the Liberals and Conservatives, currently hogging the spotlight due to the formers’ incredibly photogenic and popular leader/prime minister, and the latter’s frighteningly comical flirtations with insanity. Coming off one of the more damaging political defeats in their history and consistently polling at just under 20% of popular support, the NDP has found itself groping wildly for any sort of identity beyond “The Liberals, but angrier”. The good news is that this new identity may be on the way in the form of a new leader to replace the outgoing Tom Mulcair, who will retire from politics after serving as the replacement for party legend Jack Layton.

What’s that? Didn’t you know the NDP was having a leadership election? That’s okay. Neither did 99% of Canadians. It’s hard for a third party to jockey for attention when pretty much all the candidates agree on everything, especially while the two bigger parties are either having their leader fellated in a Rolling Stone article or having their own leadership election in which the main point of contention appears to be “screaming at each other over whether or not brown people are worthy of basic human decency”.

Unfortunately for any interested parties who are just hearing about the voting (which I suspect constitutes most of the interested parties. You would think that those annoying pleas for donations would’ve amounted to something resembling prominent advertising) it’s too late to sign up for party membership, and the leadership election itself has begun, with the first ballot results expected to be revealed on Sunday, October 1 but if you are eligible to vote and plan on doing so, or if you just have some time to kill before soul-crushing reality rears its ugly head again, this handy-dandy two-post guide (because approximately zero people can be arsed to read one 7000+ word post) should prove informative, with the second part coming out sometime tomorrow.  

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